We work towards propelling a new wave of prosperity for visionary entrepreneurs & help them realize their ambitions!
Our varietal expertise stands with you through the journey of a seed to a guided set-up to a stabilized entity that positively creates an impact.

At Sucquire, every relationship & interaction is rooted in honesty & transparency. We value the diversity in skills, experiences & perspectives within our communities and treat it to our added advantage. Sucquire is where you can see seemingly divergent definitions of success translate into a resourceful foresight!

Our entrepreneurial spirit, outstanding team & sound business knowledge grounded in practicality can be leveraged to accelerate value creation and company success.

We allow Start-ups to advance, and we give them the perfect assets and strategies to achieve a company’s full potential.

Sucquire is 100% dedicated to investing in startups that will eventually churn out to be rapidly scalable businesses which will showcase financial returns with real and measurable social and environmental benefits.



Years Advisory Experience



Projects Nurtured


At Sucquire we are more than a typical investment firm


At Sucquire we look for small teams so that personalized care can be provided, we are an early stage investor and ideally look for teams with less than 10 associates.

Early stages are the most vulnerable for start ups and without the right partners it can be challenging


Our key players have decades of start up experience themselves with their fair share of learnings.

We understand the pain of founders especially in their early years from finance challenges to the sheer frustration of not getting the due support


Sucquire provides holistic solutions for your start up, we guide in concept realign, branding, Marketing, Financial advise and finally the funding

Traditional investor only provide funding but to make a start up successful much more is needed



Our connection cuts across industries & oceans.

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